Ohio, in terms of food insecurity, is one of the hardest hit states in the nation.  Also, out of the 50 states, with 50 being the worst, Ohio ranks 38th for children under age six in poverty.  The Children’s Defense Fund of Ohio recently released their report on childhood hunger in the state that contained startling statistics.

Per the report:

“Early childhood education must be the top priority for
policymakers. Research is clear: Learning begins when a
baby is born.1 Nurturing a baby’s brain with information
is therefore very important. For a baby’s brain to develop,
fuel is needed to build strong neuron connections. That
fuel comes in part from good nutrition. Too many of
Ohio’s babies are hungry and not receiving the fuel they
need for their brains to reach their full potential.
If you shudder to think of a
hungry infant crying, this call to action is for you.”

Read the entire report here:

Childrens Defense Fund Ohio – The Early Childhood Hunger Imperative